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Special Edition European Route 66 Tour

17 dager - 4000 Km (2485 Miles)

Som eksklusiv partner til European Route 66 Association, er vi glade for å kunne tilby deg denne turen: Special Edition European Route 66 Association tour. Dette blir en unik tur, fullpakket med eksklusive attraksjoner, historiefortelling av Route 66 pionerer som Michael Wallis, Ramona & Bob Lehman (Munger Moss Motel), Trond Moberg (Skandinavias "Rute 66") og flere europeiske Route 66 Association fester med andre Route 66 pionerer/deltakere fra Nederland, Tyskland, Tsjekkia og Belgia. Denne turen arrangeres kun én gang og har begrenset plass.

Velkommen til en eksklusiv tur på gamle, ærverdige og historiske Route 66 US, også kjent som ”The Mother Road”. Route 66 har gjennom historien vært veien for immigranter, drømmere, desperadoer og en hel generasjon av ferieturister, som utforsket veien mot vest. 1950-årene var Route 66’s glansår. Da kjørte tusenvis av biler ”bumper-to-bumper” etter hverandre for å oppleve den vestlige emigrasjonsruten. Hoteller, moteller, og det ”nye Amerika” vokste opp overalt.

Mye av Route 66’s opprinnelige veier, restauranter, bensinstasjoner og nostalgiske landemerker er bevart akkurat som de var i 50-åra. Det som også er spesielt for Route 66 er alle vennlige, gjestfrie og entusiastiske menneskene som fortsatt bor langs Route’n og setter sitt preg på The Mother Road. Derfor er den berømte og nostalgiske Route 66 som himmelen for motorsykkelkjøring.

Begrenset ant. deltagere

Denne turen vil ha et begrenset antall deltagere. Vær tidlig ute!

One Time Only

Denne turen vil kun bli arrangert én gang. Ikke mist sjansen!

Unik turpakke

Eksklusive attraksjoner og historie-fortellinger av Route 66 pioneerer


Tour program

Day 1

Arrival Chicago


Day 4

Chicago – Springfield, IL

Driving day 1: 325 km / 204 miles

Day 7

Tulsa – Weatherford, Ok

Driving day 4: 295 km / 183 miles

Day 10

Santa Fè

Explorer & fun day

Day 13

Williams - Kingman, Az

Driving day 10: 208 km / 130 miles

Day 16

Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier

Explorer & fun day 

Day 2

Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Explorer & fun day 

Day 5

Springfield – Lebanon, Mo

Driving day 2: 416 km / 259 miles

Day 8

Weatherford – Amarillo, Tx

Driving day 5: 307 km / 191 miles

Day 11

Santa Fe - Holbrook

Driving day 7: 526 km / 327 miles

Day 14

Kingman - Barstow, Ca

Driving day 10: 328 km / 204 miles

Day 17

Departure Los Angeles

Home travel

Day 3

Chicago “The windy City”

Explorer & fun day

Day 6

Lebanon – Tulsa, OK

Driving day 3: 414 km / 257 miles

Day 9

Amarillo – Santa Fe

Driving day 6: 448 km / 280 miles

Day 12

Holbrook – Grand Canyon - Williams, Az

Driving day 8: 390 km / 244 miles

Day 15

Barstow - Los Angeles

Driving day 11: 241 km / 150 miles

Komplett turprogram

Day 1:  Departure & Arrival Chicago, IL                                                

After months of waiting your departure day is finally here. J  Meet at the airport & check in at the airline for your departure.  Remember: Meet at least 2 hours prior to departure.

The flight to the U.S. takes about 12 hours. The planes are comfortable and have generous food & drinks.

Day 2:   Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee                                    Explorer & fun day 😊

We start the day with an information meeting, where we cover information about your tour on Historic Route 66 and your stay in Chicago. We also cover practical information and preparations regarding mc and car rental checkout. NB: Remember to include a copy of your credit card and driving license (both sides).

Afterwards, we drive to Milwaukee (by minibus), where we get a tour of the very interesting Harley Davidson Museum. It holds the complete history of Harley-Davidson, the first and last bikes, something for every taste, and possibility to spend most of the day.

We eat a biker lunch at the museum, before we drive to a local Harley Davidson dealer so those who want/need to supplement equipment can do this.

Attractions: Milwaukee, Harley Davidson Museum, Harley-dealer

Day 3:  Chicago “The windy City”                                                                     Explorer & fun day 😊

Welcome to Chicago "The Windy City"!  Chicago has a rich history (eg. Al Capone; movie "The Untouchables") and is the nation's third largest city. Over 3 million people live in the inner cities, more than 12 million if you include suburban districts. The city is called "The windy city" because of its harsh climate, characterized by warm summers and bitterly cold and windy winters. Chicago is also home of basketball's "Chicago Bulls", where the legendary Michael Jordan was the front man. "Chicago Cubs" is the city's baseball team. Chicago is a vibrant music city with many fun bars and clubs.

We start our city tour by visiting Willis Tower, the world's 9th largest building, 442 feet high, 2.232 steps, 110 floors, and a super-fast elevator (70 seconds). For a long time, the "Tower" was the world's tallest building, but now it’s surpassed by the 828m high Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The building is still supreme; from the top "Sky Deck" you can see into four US states.

Afterwards we go to Jackson & Adams Street to take a group photo at the end/begin of Route 66. We continue to explore everything Chicago has to offer, "The Magnificent Mile" (shopping street on Michigan Avenue, Chicago's "Strip"), the Water Tower, Navy Pier and Millennium Park (watch out for outdoor concerts). NB: Remember good footwear!

In the afternoon we check out our bikes/vehicles. The car or bike you have booked is prepared, and all necessary insurance is included. NB: Remember to check the bike thoroughly for any scratches, damages, and that there is oil and fuel in the tanks - before driving.

In the evening we go to Chicago's famous blues club, Kingston Mines, a very old club with a rich history. Well-known and lesser-known blues artists play continuously from one of two stages. This is an experience we highly recommend. Group transport back to the hotel around midnight.

Attractions: Willis Tower/Sky Deck, Millennium Park, Michigan avenue, and Kingston Mines (Buddy Guy’s).

Day 4:  Chicago – Springfield, IL                                                              Driving day 1: 325 km / 204 miles

This is the day we start our Route 66 adventure!

When everyone is ready on their bikes, we start our ride on the 4.000 km long Historic Route 66. Chicago disappears behind us as we head west for a unique adventure full of history and fun. Our first stop is Joliet, home of the Blues Brothers. Then Wilmington and "The Gemini Giant", where we eat lunch.

Afterwards we drive Route 66 past the old gas station at Odell (a good example of many day-open stations), to the museum in Pontiac, before arriving Springfield, today’s end stop.

Attractions:  Joliet, Gemini Giant, Pontiac, Odell and Springfield

Day 5:  Springfield – Lebanon, Mo                                                           Driving day 2: 416 km / 259 miles

It will be a day full of traditional riding on Route 66 and spectacular nature. Many villages, ancient towns and historic Route 66 places. Our first stop is Mt. Olive, an old Route 66 gas station.

We continue our journey through several small towns before arriving St. Louis, where we stop at one of the most famous landmarks in the USA, "The Gateway Arch", a monument raised in honor of the pioneers who went west. The Arch can be seen at a 6 km distance. St. Louis was for a long time the last civilization. Like real pioneers, we ride by the "Arch" and stop to capture the moment. We continue south-west through the stunning mountain scenery of the Ozarks, which is among the most scenic along Route 66. Keep your cameras ready!

Our next stop is at Stanton and the Jesse James Museum in Meramec Mines. We get the opportunity to go into the caves where Jesse & his gang hid all the loot they had robbed from their many raids. We continue to picturesque Cuba. Thereafter, to Lebanon, where stay at the legendary Munger Moss Motel. We will get a nice welcome & Route 66 storytelling from Ramona & Bob Lehman. We also meet up with the fellow riders from the other countries for our first Route 66 Europan Association party.

Attractions: Mt. Olive, “Gateway Arch”, Jesse James Meramec Mines, Munger Moss hotel, Route 66 party

Day 6:  Lebanon – Tulsa, OK                                                       Driving day 3: 414 km / 257 miles

It is a new day full of exciting Route 66 driving through three states; Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. We ride through the "heart" of the United States, full of various experiences and impressions.

Our first stop is Springfield, home of President Abraham Lincoln. Thereafter, we drive to a famous traditional Route 66 gas station, The Gay Parita Sinclair, who currently is run only from donations and sales of Route 66 effects (The station is the legacy of Gary Turner, also known as the kindest man on Route 66). We continue and drive by Joplin, and it's "Welcome Kansas".

The drive through Kansas on Route 66 is very short, only about 31 km. We stop at the famous "4 Women on the Route" and Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge, enjoying the historical aura, before continuing to Baxter Springs and into Oklahoma. Oklahoma is the state that has preserved most of the original Route 66 (in total, you can drive about 633 km), and the residents of Oklahoma are those who currently use Route 66 most because a lot of the new Interstate 44 is levied by tolls. It was in Oklahoma people began to use the term "The Mother Road". Oklahoma is also the state where the landscape changes from foresty to dry. We ride through several towns before we reaching our final stop for the day; Hard Rock Café & Casino in Tulsa.

Attractions: Parita Sinclair, 4 Women on the Route, Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge, Hard Rock Café & Casino

Day 7:  Claremore – Weatherford, Ok                                                     Driving day 4: 295 km / 183 miles

We start the day one of the tours exclusive highlights; historic lecture by Route 66 pioneer Michael Wallis, which is the editor of several iconic Route 66 books (American journalist, popular historian, author, speaker and voice actor. He has written 17 books, including Route 66: The Mother Road. His work has been published extensively in magazines & newspapers; Time, Life, People, Smithsonian, New Yorker & The New York Times

After an amazing Route 66 lecture, we continue our journey along exciting Route 66 in the beautiful & lush Oklahoma. Our first stop is Route 66 Harley Davidson, before we drive to Stroud, and visit the Rock Café. We continue to Chandler, where we will meet with another exclusive tour attraction; McJerry's Route 66 Gallery & storytelling by Jerry McClanahan (editor of EZ 66 Guide for Route 66 Travelers). Thereafter we greet another exclusive tour highlight in Arcadia; Jim Ross and Shellhee Graham (married couple which has written several books and map series about Route 66).

The journey continues along the many small and cozy Route 66 towns and we stop at several to ensure holiday memories. We drive by Oklahoma City, the 31st largest city in the U.S. according to population, but the 8th largest according to land area. We continue our Route 66 adventure to Yukon (home of the famous country music artist Garth Brooks) and El Reno, before embarking on the final leg to Weatherford. It’s time for one more Route 66 BBQ party & entertainment.

Attractions: Rock café, Chandler, Arcadia, Yukon, El Reno, Weatherford, Route 66 BBQ & Entertainment

Day 8:  Weatherford – Amarillo, Tx                                                                     Driving day 5: 307 km / 191 miles

We move into cowboy country and the nation's largest state, Texas. This day will drive through prairie country, and there will be some straight line driving. In some fashion, this will also be the day of “the steak”.

Our first stop is Elk City, where we visit the National Route 66 Museum and take pictures in front of the large Route-66 sign. We say goodbye to Oklahoma and ride into Texas. On the way to Amarillo, we stop in McLean at a traditional Route 66 steak house to eat lunch. Here you can eat one of the most tender steaks you ever tasted. The owner personally buys all beef to ensure the best quality.

Afterwards, we head straight to Amarillo, where we take several fun stops. One of them is Cavender's Boot City, where we stack up with cowboy accessories. We drive to the hotel and check in before we are picked up in a limo and driven to a Route 66 legend: the "Big Texan Steakhouse" where you can eat the famous 2.2 kg (72 oz.) steak. Those who manage to eat the entire meal within 60 minutes (2.2 kg/72 oz. steak, baked potato, salad, shrimp cocktail, butter and bread) get the meal free. Many have tried - most have failed. The record is 8 minutes and 52 seconds. Are you up for the challenge?

Attractions: National Route 66 museum, Cavender’s and The Big Texan.

Day 9:  Amarillo – Santa Fe                                                                      Driving day 6: 448 km / 280 miles

It will be a hot driving day in cowboy country, with long flat fields and country sides. Partially, we will ride on I-40, since parts of old Route 66 no longer is drivable in this area. Our first stop is the famous "Cadillac Ranch", where you can sign a very special work of art. We drive to Adrian, who is "Midpoint U.S. Route 66; we are halfway to Los Angeles. We'll drink a cup of coffee at the local Midpoint diner, before we ride out of Texas and into New Mexico. We continue to Tucumcari and visit the "Blue Swallow" (the friendliest motel on R66). We also eat lunch in Tucumcari, before driving to Santa Rosa, where we will eat a great-tasting cowboy lunch (steak) at a real ranch, served by the ranch owner.

The final stop is the Santa Fe, one of the most beautiful cities in the western United States and the capitol of New Mexico. Santa Fe will be our home for the next two nights. You will use no more than a few minutes in Santa Fe's narrow streets until you love the city and the population.

Attractions: Cadillac Ranch, Midpoint Route 66, Blue Swallow, Cowboy Ranch Santa Rosa, Santa Fe

Day 10:  Santa Fe                                                                                                   Explorer & fun day 😊

We have ridden over half of the distance on our Route 66 adventure and take a day off to recharge the batteries and enjoy more of wonderful Santa Fe. The city is located high in the mountains; scenic “Sangre de Cristo ", and is rich in Spanish and Native American history and culture. A unique blend which can be seen in the local art and architecture. The day is free to use as you wish.

You can relax by the pool, enjoy one of the many art galleries, explore Santa Fe or a guided city tour, or visit one of the town’s micro-breweries. You can buy local art on the local market. Do not forget to try "The Green Chili Stew" which has become a favorite among our guests. Santa Fe's cuisine is famous. In the evening we go to a real cowboy restaurant, eat steak, drink beer and whiskey - enjoying the real cowboy way of life.

Attractions: Santa Fe, local markets, Cowboy restaurant

Day 11:  Santa Fe - Holbrook                                                                  Driving day 7: 526 km / 327 miles

We move out of cowboy country and into Indian native territory. It will be an eventful day as we drive through the land that Indians have lived on for centuries. We start by riding the small fun and curvy roads to Madrid, where "Wild Hogs" movie with John Travolta was recorded. You can walk into the bar the guys sat in the movie. Thereafter, we drive just outside Albuquerque to the Route 66 Casino, where we eat lunch.

We continue to Gallup, before finishing the day with desert driving and unique nature. First, we ride in Navajo and Apache territory to Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. Is it stone or wood? And is the sand painted? We drive through this wonderful nature reserve, which is a memory for life. We continue to Holbrook, where we will spend the night in true Route 66 style.

Attractions: Madrid, Gallup, Petrified forest, Painted Desert, Holbrook

Day 12:  Holbrook – Williams, Az                                                             Driving day 8: 390 km / 244 miles

We start the day by driving to Winslow, where we make a stop at the "corner". Eagles fans know what "Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" means. Afterwards, we drive to one of the tours absolute highligths: Welcome to the Grand Canyon!

We drive into the Grand Canyon National Park from the east entrance, and make several stops, to capture this year's holiday photo! We ride through the whole Grand Canyon, before we exit to the helicopter base. Those who have ordered the Grand Canyon helicopter tour will get an experience of a life time. To hover in the air over one of the seven wonders and experience this natural phenomenon up close is absolutely magical. Highly recommend! After the helicopter ride we drive a short distance to the visitor center, where you have the chance to watch the world's most viewed Imax movie. When you see the film it feels almost like standing inside the Grand Canyon. NB: Helicopter rides must be booked in advance.

When we finally are able to leave Grand Canyon we drive to Williams, which is a raw Route 66 town with many souvenir shops that is worth a visit.

Attractions: Corner in Winslow, Grand Canyon (Imax + Helicopter are optional), Williams

Day 13:  Williams - Kingman, Az                                                            Driving day 10: 208 km / 130 miles

We drive to the little Seligman, which has one of the greatest advocates for Route 66’s origin. Seligman is a fun, cozy and traditional Route 66 town, a lot of great photo opportunities.

This rest of the day will consist of desert driving, very hot conditions and wonderful scenery. It’s the second day of desert driving, very hot conditions, and wonderful scenery. Our first stop is Hackberry, a small traditional Route 66 gas station, full of history, like taken out of an old movie. We enjoy an ice cream or cola in the shade. Afterwards, we cruise on to Kingman, where we once again meet up with our fellow Route 66 riders for our second Route 66 Europan Association party.

Attractions: Seligman, Hackberry, Kingman, Route 66 European Association party

Day 14:  Kingman - Barstow, Ca                                                            Driving day 10: 328 km / 204 miles

We drive to Oatman, an old western village in Mohave (county), which was established by two gold diggers in 1915. The driving distance to the Oatman consists of narrow curvy roads at different height levels, with mountain and desert landscapes. Ideal for filming, perhaps best opportunity on the tour. In Oatman, remember to lock your bikes, and watch out for donkeys & outlaws in the streets.

After eating a real cowboy lunch in Oastman, we continue to Barstow, where we visit the Barstow station.

Attractions: Oatman (miner) city, Barstow station, Barstow

Day 15:  Barstow - Los Angeles                                                             Driving day 11: 241 km / 150 miles

Welcome to one of the best riding days of your life. As we head towards Los Angeles, we first make a stop at Calico Ghost Town. Afterwards, we ride the famous Angeles Crest Hwy (CA 2), ranked as US #10 best mc road. Get ready for a truly amazing riding experience!

When we get to Los Angeles, we return the bikes, greet each other for a nice ride, and head for the hotel.

Attractions: Calico Ghost Town & Angeles Crest Highway

Day 16:  Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier                                          Explorer & fun day 😊

Welcome to a fun and exciting day, where we will explore Santa Monica and Venice Beach!

This day you get to experience LA at its best!

We drive to the fun & world famous Venice Beach; which you've probably seen in many TV-series/movies (Bay Watch, Pacific Blue, Speed, Beverly Hills Cop, Rocky III, etc.). Venice Beach is a rare & colorful experience. Here you can experience street performers, street musicians, hippies, bodybuilders (outdoor gym), rollerbladers, skateboarders, etc. showing off. In addition, there are numerous street vendors and fun boutiques selling the strangest things. Venice is anything but boring!

From Venice Beach we walk to Santa Monica Pier, the begin/end of the original Route 66, where we take a group picture & officially End of Route 66 tour.

Attractions: Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Farewell dinner

Day 17:  Home travel

Thanks for a great ride, good times and sincerely thank you for choosing to travel with JoyRides.

(Because of the time difference we will arrive home the date/day after we departed the US)



Inkludert i turprisen:


MC/Bil leie

Velg mellom flere modeller av Harley-Davidson og Indian MC.



 Våre hotell/motell for turer  er rangert 3 stjerner eller høyere.



Drivstoff er inkludert for motorsykler på alle våre turer.



VIP motorsykkel forsikring  er inkludert i turprisen.



Følgebil med ekstra MC, gjeste-bagasje, kalde drikker og førstehjelpsutstyr.



Inngangsbilletter til alle museum og alle national-parker.


MC turleder

Våre turledere kjører alltid på motorsykkel i front av kortesjen.

Ikke inkludert i turprisen: Flybilletter, mat og drikke. Drivstoff er ikke inkludert i turer med bil.

Inkludert i JoyRides opplevelsen:

  •   Topp vedlikeholdte motorsykler
  •    Drivstoff alle kjøredager
  •    MC vennlige hoteller/moteller
  •    Frokost hver dag inkludert
  •    Tilpass din egen tur

  •   Topp rangerte kjøreveier
  •    Flerspråklig turpersonell
  •    Sertifisert turleder - på MC
  •    Ass. turleder i følgebil
  •    Ekstra motorsykkel

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