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Special Edition European Route 66 Tour

17 days - 4000 Km (2485 Miles)

As the exclusive partner to the European Route 66 Association, we are excited to offer you the one-of-a-kind Special Edition European Route 66 Association tour. I will be a unique tour, packed with exclusive attractions, storytelling by Route 66 pioneers like Michael Wallis, Ramona & Bob Lehman (Munger Moss Motel), Trond Moberg (Scandinavia ‘s “Mr Route 66”), and several European Route 66 Association parties with fellow Route 66 pioneers/participants from the Netherlands, Germany, Tscheck and Belgium. This tour will be arranged only once & have limited space.

Welcome to an exclusive tour on the world famous, legendary & historic Route 66, also known as "The Mother Road". Route 66 has through history been the road for migrants, dreamers, desperadoes & a whole generation of holiday-makers, who explored the road to the west. The 1950s were Route 66's peak. Thousands of cars drove "bumper-to-bumper" to experience the western migration route. Motels & the "new America" grew up everywhere. Much of Route 66's original roads, restaurants, gas stations & nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were in the 50's. Hence the famous & nostalgic Route 66 is a heaven for motorcycle riding.


Lmt. number of participants

This tour will have a limited number of seats available. So get them while you can!

One Time Only

The Tour will only be arranged once. If you snooze  - you loose.

Unique Tour Packet

Exclusive attractions and exiting storytelling by Route 66 pioneers.


Tour program

Day 1

Arrival Chicago


Day 4

Chicago – Springfield, IL

Driving day 1: 325 km / 204 miles

Day 7

Tulsa – Weatherford, Ok

Driving day 4: 295 km / 183 miles

Day 10

Santa Fè

Explorer & fun day

Day 13

Williams - Kingman, Az

Driving day 10: 208 km / 130 miles

Day 16

Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier

Explorer & fun day 

Day 2

Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Explorer & fun day 

Day 5

Springfield – Lebanon, Mo

Driving day 2: 416 km / 259 miles

Day 8

Weatherford – Amarillo, Tx

Driving day 5: 307 km / 191 miles

Day 11

Santa Fe - Holbrook

Driving day 7: 526 km / 327 miles

Day 14

Kingman - Barstow, Ca

Driving day 10: 328 km / 204 miles

Day 17

Departure Los Angeles

Home travel

Day 3

Chicago “The windy City”

Explorer & fun day

Day 6

Lebanon – Tulsa, OK

Driving day 3: 414 km / 257 miles

Day 9

Amarillo – Santa Fe

Driving day 6: 448 km / 280 miles

Day 12

Holbrook – Grand Canyon - Williams, Az

Driving day 8: 390 km / 244 miles

Day 15

Barstow - Los Angeles

Driving day 11: 241 km / 150 miles

Included in the tour price:


MC/Car rental

Choose between several models of Harley-Davidson and Indian MC.



Our Hotel/motel partners for tours are rated 3 stars and above.


Gasolin & oil

Gas and oil are included for all motorcycles on all our tours.



VIP motorcycle insurance is included in the tour price


Support van

Support van w/spare bike, luggage, cold drinks and 1st. aid kit.


Entrance fees

Entrance fees on museums and national parks are included.


MC Tour leader

Our tour leaders always ride on a motorcycle in front of the cortege.

Not included in the tour price: Airfare, food and drinks. Gasoline is not included in tours by car.

Included in the JoyRides' experience:

  •   Perfectly maintained motorcycles
  •    Fuel on all riding days
  •    MC friendly motels/hotels
  •    Daily breakfast included
  •    Customize your own tour

  •   Top ranked driving roads incl.
  •    Multilingual tour personnel
  •    Certified tour leader - on MC
  •    Ass. tour leader in support van
  •    Spare bike

  •   Detailed tour program/roadbook
  •    Welcome reception/dinner
  •    Farewell dinner party
  •     No hidden fees or charges
  •     No fuzz - just good times

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