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New Zealand Grand Loop Tour : 18 days - 3800 Km (2360 Miles)

New Zealand Aotearoa : 13 days - 3004 Km (1866 Miles)

New Zealand is one of the world’s top vacation destinations, offering a variety of tourist attractions for both adventure junkies and first-time travelers looking to experience the natural wonder of New Zealand’s beauty. From the famous Wildlife Cruises in Christchurch to the Dart River Jet safaris in Queenstown, there is a wide range of attractions for all types of visitors.

The best way to experience all of the fantastic attractions New Zealand has to offer is on your favorite car or motorcycle. Prepare yourself for an amazing ride on great roads through an amazingly beautiful country. The tour is especially developed for those who want to explore fully all New Zealand has to offer. We ride on the best roads on both islands and visit all the best attractions, cities and local treasures. This is the tour where the road trip and the experiences are more important than the destination.

New Zealand is the home of the “Kiwi” people, the nick name for New Zealanders (Kiwi is also a bird on the national emblem, a type of fruit, and a nick name for the New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

The capitol is Wellington, and the largest cities are Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin. You should be cautious in the New Zealand traffic, since they drive on the left side of the road, which is a bit unfamiliar in the beginning. On the tour we ride New Zealands’ best motorcycle roads and visit all of the most spectacular New Zealand attractions. Get ready for the adventure of a life time! A truly unique experience.

We offer two tours: THE GREAT LOOP TOUR which stretch over both islands and cover almost all of the  country. This tour is a roundtrip and starts and ends in Auckland. The Other tour is called NEW ZEALAND AOTEAROA TOUR, which ends starts in Auckland and ends in Christchurch. Until it ends in Christchurch it's exactly the same tour as The Great Loop Tour.


Focus on enjoyment & camaraderie

At JoyRides we believe that good experiences and camaraderie are at least as important as the journey. Our goal is to fill your tour bag with as many positive memories as possible, so you go home with a big smile on your face. And with friends you didn’t have before you started the trip.


Grand Loop Tour map

Aotearoa Tour map

Included in the tour price:


MC/Car rental

Choose between several models of Harley-Davidson and Indian MC.



Shared double room on 2/3 star motels and above is included.


Gasoline & oil

Gas and oil are included for all motorcycles on all our tours.



Motorcycle loss damage waiver is included in the tour price.


Support van*

Support van  with guest-luggage, water and 1st. aid kit, equipment.


Entrance fees

Entrance fees on museums and national parks are included.


MC Tour leader*

Experienced Tour leader on a motorcycle in front of the cortege.

* Depends on the number of participants on the tour.

Not included in the tour price: Airfare, food and drinks. Gasoline is not included in tours by car.

Included in the JoyRides' experience:

  •   Perfectly maintained motorcycles
  •    Fuel on all riding days (MC)
  •    MC friendly motels/hotels
  •    Unlimited milage for vehicle

  •   Top ranked driving roads incl.
  •    Multilingual tour personnel
  •    Authorized Touring Specialist
  •    MC roads/back roads specialist

  •   Detailed Tour program/roadbook
  •    Helmet rental included
  •     No hidden fees or charges
  •     Best Price Guarantee

New Zealand Aotearoa

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New Zealand Grand Loop Tour

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