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Thailand - Laos: Roundtrip
14 days - 3000 km/1870 miles


If you have a bit more time and like to explore and ride more extensively in Thailand and Laos, this is a great motorcycle tour for you! Besides stunning scenery the tour offers an insight in local cultures, historical sites, national parks, local cuisine and traditional way of life in two countries. All in a wonderful riding environment on a motorcycle on windy, straight and hilly mostly paved roads.

The roads are mostly easy to handle, there are some stretches which are narrow and steep. To join this tour you need to have good riding skills. You must be able to ride your big motorcycle in different conditions and do NOT expect to learn how to ride a motorcycle while joining our tour.

During the first morning hour, we get familiar with the bikes, group riding in and local riding environment in Thailand.

This tour provides an outstanding opportunity to obtain a thorough impression of the uniqueness of the border region of North Thailand and parts of North West Laos. We will visit Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand (2,565 meter). Ride the 1,864 curves on the 350 km long stretch from Mae Hong Son via Pai to Mae Taeng. Explore the area of the Golden Triangle and the mighty Mekong River.

Continue to the spectacular Doi Phu Kha National park to Bho Klua. North of Bo Kluea we cross into Laos were we enjoy spectacular mountain riding to Pak Beng, Luang Prabang (UNESCO listed), Vang Vieng and finally the capital, Vientiane.

Once back in Thailand we continue along the Mekong river into the mountains of Phu Ruea, visiting Sukhothai Historical Park (UNESCO listed) before heading back to Chiang Mai. Due to careful route selection, you will have the opportunity to experience local culture, Hill Tribes, Historical Sites, National Parks and endless of curvy mountainous roads in two countries, Laos and Thailand.



This program is a guideline for activities and experiences on the tour. Deviations may occur, but we guarantee that our positive tour leaders will do their utmost to execute the program as described - as far as it is feasible and circumstances allow. We are continually working to improve the program, thus you may experience positive surprises. Check updates under "Guided Tours".


About the JoyRides Tours

JoyRides’ tours are developed by and for motorcycle enthusiasts, with long experience in organizing guided tours for cars and motorcycles. We love to ride on tours, create memorable experiences and friendships. Thus, our stress free and fun tours are popular. At JoyRides, the customers are in focus! Our mantra - Realizing dreams and creating memories for life! JoyRides has an established partnership with Eagle Rider, the world's largest mc rental company, with over 20 years of experience as a tour operator. JoyRides is an "Authorized Touring specialist", which means that you always have the support of a large team of professional enthusiasts. 


The benefits of touring with JoyRides are:

  • Experienced tour leaders 
  • Focus on enjoyment & camaraderie
  • Tour leader on mc rides in front of the tour group



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