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Coast to Coast "Easy Rider"
21 days - 6060 km (3.800 miles)


No film in motion history has had such an impact on motorcycle riding as Easy Rider. When released in 1969, Easy Rider introduced the freedom feeling of cruising on a motorcycle for people around the world. There was not a man alive in 1969, or since, who has seen this movie and did not want to be "Billy" or "Wyatt" and cruise on the open road on "Captain America"​​, even if it was only for a day or two.

Forty-three years later Easy Rider still is the typical motorcycle movie, which continues to inspire the dream of experiencing that life changes with the freedom of two wheels on the open straight road. Our partner Eagle Rider has been awarded the exclusive rights to offer motorcycle enthusiasts around the world a "once-in-lifetime" opportunity to ride the exact route of the movie Easy Rider.

We have created a special version of this tour through our unique 21-day coast-to-coast trip. The tour is an "Adventure tour", our longest ride, stretching as the name suggests from the US west to east coast.

We ride approx. 3.800 miles, crossing nine U.S. states and three time zones. You get a deep dive in "the Real America" and its grandeur, the trip is filled with goodies and handpicked experiences. You will experience big cities, ocean, desert, mountain, prairie, fantastic motorcycle roads and back roads. The program includes spectacular Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice Beach, fun San Diego, Tombstone, Pecos (Rodeo), El Paso, San Antonio, mythical New Orleans, the Mexican Gulf, USS Alabama, Cape San Blas, Tallahasse, Daytona "Biker" Beach, Miami, alligators in the Everglades and Orlando. We call it the "Adventure tour".    

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