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Adventure tour in Argentina & Chile
4500 km - 16 days (12 driving days)


On the “Adventurous Argentina» tour we ride through the heart of Argentina & Chile, and you get to feel the pulse of these amazing countries and their south American culture. We also ride parts of the route Che Guevara drove when he was a medical student in 1952 (Motorcycle Diaries).

This 16-day tour starts in vibrant Buenos Aries, which is one of Latin America’s most fascinating cities. On our journey to Vina del Mar in Chile, we drive through spectacular scenery and wonderful motorcycle roads. We cross the Andes mountains through breathtaking passes on Cristo Redentor des Andes (4000m asl) and Ruta 41 (5000m asl).

We taste wine in Mendoza, eat Argentinian steaks in true local fashion, drive curvy mountain roads through fascinating villages, before enjoying the beaches and the Pacific Ocean on wonderful Vina del Mar and La Serena (Chile).

Along the way we will also ride through La Pampa, live in Rosario (“Che” Guevara’s birthplace), Cordoba, and ride through the beautiful Canyon del Atuel. Welcome to a tour for enthusiasts who wants to experience something out of the ordinary!

Please note: This tour is for motorcycle enthusiasts with experience!

Note: This program is a guideline for activities and experiences on the tour. Deviations may occur, but we guarantee that our positive tour leaders will do their utmost to execute the program as described - as far as it is feasible and circumstances allow. We are continually working to improve the program, thus you may experience positive surprises. Check updates on


About JoyRides Tours

JoyRides’ tours are developed by and for motorcycle enthusiasts, with long experience in organizing guided tours for cars and motorcycles. We love to ride on tours, create memorable experiences and friendships. Thus, our stress free and fun tours are popular. At JoyRides, the customers are in focus!

Our mantra: - Realizing dreams and creating memories for life!

JoyRides has an established partnership with Eagle Rider, the world's largest mc rental company, with over 20 years of experience as a tour operator. JoyRides is an "Authorized Touring specialist", which means that you always have the support of a large team of professional enthusiasts. We have an American official guide license; our tour leaders are certified and have many years of experience. 

Note: JoyRides is the only Scandinavian tour operator which has follow van with luggage & extra licensed tour guide & paramedic on all our tours in South America.


Focus on enjoyment & camaraderie

At JoyRides we believe that good experiences and camaraderie are at least as important as the journey along Route 66. Our goal is to fill your tour bag with as many positive memories as possible, so you go home with a big smile on your face. And with lifetime friends you didn’t have before you started the tour.


The benefits of touring with JoyRides are:

  • Specialists on “World’s best ranked Touring & "Back Roads"
  • Experienced & certified guides (Road Captains, etc)
  • Tour leader on MC in front of protégé (follow-van with luggage & spare bike last)
  • Choose among different MC brands & models
  • Authorized Touring Specialist






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