About Us

JoyRides’ is run by and for motorcycle enthusiasts, with long experience in organizing guided tours for cars and motorcycles. We love to ride on tours, create memorable experiences and friendships. Thus, our stress free and fun tours are popular. At JoyRides, the customers are in focus! Our motto:  "Realizing dreams and creating memories for life"




JoyRides AS is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund (www.rgf.no). You can safely book a trip with us.


Eagle Rider Authorized Touring Specialist – World Wide!

JoyRides has an established partnership with Eagle Rider, the world’s largest mc rental company, with over 20 years of experience as a tour operator. JoyRides is an”Authorized Touring specialist“, which means that you always have the support of a large team of professional enthusiasts. We have an American official guide license; our tour leaders are certified and have many years of experience.


The benefits of touring with JoyRides are:

  • Specialists on Route 66 and U.S. Back Roads
  • Experienced tour leaders & popular tour program
  • Focus on enjoyment & camaraderie
  • Tour leader on mc in front of the tour group
  • Eagle Rider Authorized Touring Specialist
  • Best support across the U.S.


You choose a tour with JoyRides if enthusiasm, good experiences and memories for life are most important for you!